Monday, June 27, 2011

When will we get there?

When we set off on a run, a ride, or a trip, knowing the answer to the question, "When will we get there?" is key.  This information allows us to know when and how much to refuel, rest and refresh.

When we set off on a goal to better our self--increase our fitness, build or repair a relationship, grow wealth, etc.--rarely do we know ahead of time exactly "when we will get there."  This is because these goals have naturally vague end points and sometimes it is impossible to know just how far away--or how close!--our destination really is.

How about this?  Instead of focusing on the destination so much why not focus on the journey?  And, importantly, don't cut short the journey until we have reached the destination.  If we learn to enjoy the journey we won't want to stop anyway and reaching the destination, i.e. accomplishing the goal, becomes the natural, happy result of consistent, focused work along our way.

Get on the road today and let your journey begin!

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